Monday, October 6, 2008

homework 6

In Costa Rica we have a totally structure school class. We have different schedule time of class. We begin class on February and end on December and we have different holy days depending of the school. Because some school have United States Calender that I think that is bad because we are not the same country. And I think that is bad because we have different type of weather and not all of the students that study in there are from USA so I don't know why they do this. the most part of school in Costa Rica use uniform there are a few schools that don't use uniform. In my country in School in some of them we change class and in some of them not depending of the teacher or depending on school manager. In some they prefer that professor come into the class because the student don't go out but another they prefer they move sow the student can have a type of break and he can look for a book or go to bathroom and the professor don't have to move everything

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

homework 5 Coffee, Tea

I Nicolas Vazquez I like ice coffee and milk with tea. I know that it could sound strange but I don't like too hot because I have like a tong of a cat. So that is why I prefer cold things. In my country coffee is popular but in some places or only some people drink it. In general i think that coffee is popular in all the world. A lot of people use it to wake up and go work also they are people that are addict to coffee so they have to drink it a lot off times per day. Or some people only drink coffee because it is a habit that they have so they drink it when they are eating.In my country we have some traditional drinks like hot water with sugar that its strange but the most common drink is coffee. I am not really in love of coffee or tea but i am a strange person. That means that one day I could need it and another not so I don't know if I love it or not. But I like frapuchino from Strarkbuks I could drink that all days until I die. I like that a lot it have a lot off flavor and is amazing. Something that I don't like is the price it is too expensive.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Homework 4

In Costa Rica movies are not sow popular. Also their are not sow important piece of culture. In Costa Rica we usually see movies with friend but not all the time. Or we also spend the saturday with or parents watching movies. That is almost all the things that we do on saturday because we are tired. We only see movies if we really don't have anything to do at all.I think that movies are boring because is unreal but I watch movie when I'm not doing anything. Or I watch movie when I don't want to go outside my room. In my country we don't have a huge movie industry. In my country we see only foreign movie because we are not sow good doing movies. e prefer to see American movie but with subtitles in Spanish.Because it have best quality in sound and is HD system.My opinion is that I prefer the movies from USA.My favorite movie are all the Fast and Furious.Because I love all the stuff related with cars and high speed. But I think that movies in this generation are becoming unreal because all is made with computer.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What is your favorite type of music?

My favorite music is reggae music. I like it because I feel good or better when I listen to it. I get less stress and it make me thing in somethings. I have really don't have a favorite artist. But I like Bob Marley and also his children's and steel pulse. I have a picture with one of Bob Marley Son's. I really like this because it relax me. In Costa Rica a lot of people listen this type of music. In my country a lot of good artist and they also go there because we have a lot of green areas (nature) and a a lot of beautiful beach's. It is like some spiritual place, you feel so peaceful is not like USA is totally different.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

question 2

I don't realy read it but I will answer because it is homework. The food that I prefer is sushi. I like it because is more extrange that another food. And also I like it because I like all type of marines food. So to me it is one of the most juice food that I have ever eat. I prefer that also because almost all of the plates are not fried. I it is more healthy that another food. I prefer to eat this all of the days that eat fast food all days. But one thing that I dont like is that it one of the most expensive food.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What was your reaction to the first in USA

My first time in USA was with my uncle's and with my cousins. My first time in USA I went to Disney,I remember that I was in the middle school, I was in vaccacion. My reaction at first was like I impresive because it was my second time going out my country and I was like shock because here in United States all the things are so big and nice. In that time for my I loved because they have a lot of fast food and I loved but in this times I dont like so much.I Disney I were surprice because they have alot of things to do, I remember that I do all the games twice and my uncles were so tired it was fun. I went to all the differnts park and the one that I like the most was Univesal Studios it was the best.


My name is Nicolas Vazquez, I born in Argentina, I life in Costa Rica.